Thoughts on the nature of existence

this is unfinished and raw. Just wanted to get it out there.


If everything is energy than moving between sizes would be a matter of pattern. To go to a smaller size you would need to maintain the current pattern and shed energy or matter ( whatever energy is). To go up in size would take more energy than our current size galaxy but would become available (but where from?) as you increased in size. In both cases there would be a jump in size up or down to the next relative size or a given size level would be wiped out. Which would mean there has to be levels which brings up the questions of why this particular sizing arrangement. Or what are the laws of sizing arrangement? Why this size and not just a little bit more or less? Another question? Could size be in flux ever-changing up and down: all up and down the scale? How much change between levels before destruction of a level occurs? What is the underpinning of experience itself? Why this configuration? What configurations are possible? Is it infinite finite or singular? The answer must lay in perspective, the way we look at things. The universe is constantly before our eyes yet we don’t see or understand what we are seeing.

Is there duplication in levels if you tried to move your consciousness to a different level would that just be going into yourself or be able to see a version of yourself or would it be totally different? Are the levels mirror images? Is there differentiation? Partial or complete? 

A material’s behavior changes with size. All matter and energy is in constant motion. If all size fluctuated all would be the same we couldn’t tell. Size is not the real nature of a thing it like time is a measurement. Size alters the perspective of time. 60 miles per hour for someone smaller than an atom is a different time than 60 miles per hour for someone our size. The measure is different, so the time is. Time is only a measurement.

Microscopic creatures move in our size time, at a smaller size they zip around so fast we can’t see them or they take a week to make even a slight move in our size but we watch them with magnification at a pace comfortable to us!!!! Size affecting speed not time?



   Absolute speed a sphere of matter could fill the whole universe. 0 speed eliminates all movement & measurement. Speed affects density. At absolute speed, a sphere would fill the whole universe thereby making the whole universe as dense as that sphere, thereby increasing overall density through speed. If this applies by degree then any speed of a sphere would increase the density of the universe by degrees of the speed of that sphere. Multiple spheres moving reduces density single sphere moving increases density.  What if 2 or more spheres had absolute speed but never collided? What if they collided?


     Density is size-related. What is dense at observers one size isn’t at a smaller size and more dense at a bigger. Does density vary at levels or analog viable? If matter is just denser energy and at our size level it vires from lead to gas to plasma to light is our light a lead at a different size level. What properties are size-related?  This brings up the question of proximity and it’s effects, a size variant. Is proximity simply a density variant or visa versa?


    What are the effects of proximity? Radiation is just variable proximity or traveling energy. Is gravity an energy transfer of some kind or something else? How does gravity work? Does it send a request between matters requesting them to relocate?  Is there an innate desire among all matter to unite? If so why hasn’t it done so already? It’s had plenty of time. The way things are is a variant of the way they always have been. But could they be different?


   To know anything there must be difference. To know temperature there must be a temperature variant. To know or experience anything requires a difference in potential or existence. Nothing in the world as we know it is the same, except perhaps ideas, even things considered identical aren’t at some level. So the question arises why the similarities in the differences we experience or why this particular set of differences? Are there other possibilities of differences and what is the curtain between them, our perceptions only or other boundaries? 


   If there are 100 spheres in space and one moves then they all are in motion.

   There is no such thing as an object not in motion in the universe.


   Doesn’t exist on the backdrop of the universe’s infinity in the one sphere universe the sphere is nowhere and everywhere. Location can only exist if there are 2 spheres! Location like time is a measurement and not a thing in and of itself.


     Energy is in constant motion, energy is motion. Flux, change potential. 

     Energy manifestations, heat, gravity, electromagnetic, light, radiation, matter is stationary energy or energy moving in a confined space.

All possible variations

1. Contractions, expansions

2. More or less

3. Motion,- direction- speed – time

4. How much matter is there in the universe & why does it have the current configuration

5. Combining & combining laws

6. Patterns of matter or energy

7. Sub issues- behavior, proximity intelligence, knowing, wanting, fear, repulsion, 


In space energy doesn’t dissipate but in matter which is concentrated energy it does

A sun is concentrated energy that radiates. Other objects in space don’t radiate except radioactive objects 

With energy there is attraction and repulsion

The properties of matter are also the properties of energy since matter is energy

How does energy become concentrated


    Energy either attracts, gravity,  or repels, light, heat & some energy does both (electromagnetic). (There’s probably several more I am missing). Matter is energy compressed, held together by gravity & perhaps other attractive forces. Brings up the question of maximum compression or difusión. At what point of defusing can energy exist & at what point of compression can matter exist. Also how does size tie into all this? 

A though experiment

What is motion? 

Answer – relative changing distance between objects.

Explanation –  imagine a universe with nothing in it but a single sphere called sphere 1. Imagine you had some way of knowing the events of this universe. If sphere 1 were moving 1 a 100 or a billion miles per hour how wouldn’t be able to tell it.

Ignore is bliss, isn’t that what all the worlds religions are working for?

Personal poetry

When we write our personal poetry of clumsy words and broken lines of personal private hidden content basking in the glory of our creation who’s criptic content is coded only to the engrams of the author’s mind heart and soul we sore to the heights and drink deep the warm comforting depths of the love the perfect imperfections of our lover, the private universe uniquely ours and deeply familiar. And should we dare venture out and say see here read this beautiful think I have darred write then see that dim reflection in their eyes viewing only our clumsy words and broken lines and breath deep the aloneness of our personal singularity knowing we have written only to ourselves but alas we do have joy in that and the remembrance past pleasures. Then do we marvel at the universalist who write past our singularity to the common humanity that touches us all

Two different ways to explore space

1. By machine space ship

2. By mind power telepathicly 

3. Humanities develop 2 ways. One group evolves a more mechonistic society The other back to nature and a 3rd group a little of both. Current humans keep in a zoo. Both groupsare at pease with each other.


She had PMS so bad we had to kill her as a matter of national security

It Will be ok. Stories about Marvin & me.

In life we often encounter problems, usually other people. Children are just highly concentrated versions of other people. Like a pealed mangaoe, no non-messy way to deal with it. So when you encounter one of these problems you think, ‘ Hmmmm how can I fix this?’. Of course the quick simple answer is to kill yourself, and some really smart people do. But for the more vengeful of us that means the problem wins. Can’t have that. The other great trick is to stop caring or the ole ‘Hitch hHcker’s Guide to the Galaxcy’s’ invisibility trick, make it somebody elses problem. But all these are just treating the symptoms, band-aids covering up the real sickness: THE DESIRE TO FIX THE PROBLEM! This brings us to ‘The Marshmallow Theory’ solution! Part 1. You ain’t goina fix it, stop it. Here’s why. People problems are like marshmallows! What happens when you push on a marshmallow it just snaps back. It has built in effect resolution negation. What ever you do to it by it’s nature it undoes it. If you fix it to much it’ll just get messier. For example stomp on a marshmallow it springs mostly back but is now sticky on the outside and some of it is stuck to your shoe. You haven’t fixed it and now it’s on you, like it’s your fault. Very sneaky indeed. From this point on it turns into the tar baby of ‘Uncle Remu’s’ ‘ Br’er Rabbit’ , the more you work the problem the more it messes you up, sticking all over you so every one knows who’s fault it really is. Part 2. Go take a bath, your now a mess. Part 3. Stick the marshmallow between 2 gram-crackers and a chocolate bar and fry the crap out if it. As usual it won’t fix anything but it’s fun. And in way fun is a fix. Part 4. The moral. The more you mess with it the more it stays the same until it is a complete mess which means you to are a mess and now at fault for making a mess. Part 5. The solution. If you have a marshmallow leave it alone or make a Smoor or better yet forget it and go get what you really need. Part 6. If you are a marshmallow watch out for those who are crackers! Life is good, S’mores are good, crackers can be good, so enjoy it all and marshmallows can be good too.

Most people are thinking outside the box they are told to

Most people think, ‘thinking outside the box’ is thinking inside the box they are told is outside

Well didn’t wipe out anyone in Louisiana with the Coronavirus seems they already had their own version of it alive and strong. Besides with our clan the virus take a bite out of us and it would probably be puking it’s little guts out. And with some of us it would be too drunk to remember what to do. Serves it right, we’re here to stay. So much for braggadocio. It was a good visit. Kids play, mostly pain free with minimal emotional trama ( actually amazingly so considering the potential). Adults ate, drank, bragged and lied only getting called on it occasionally when a good joke was in the making. Ok a lot. But there was plenty of liquid salve and verbal revenge to heal the ego wounds. So every side won and we all went home happy fat and tired and truly glad to belong to such a pack of reprobates. ( By this I mean everyone else). 

Well didn’t wipe out anyone in Louisiana with the Coronavirus seems they already had their own version of it alive and strong. Besides with our clan the virus take a bite out of us and it would probably be puking it’s little guts out. And with some of us it would be too drunk to remember what to do. Serves it right, we’re here to stay. So much for braggadocio. It was a good visit. Kids play, mostly pain free with minimal emotional trama ( actually amazingly so considering the potential). Adults ate, drank, bragged and lied only getting called on it occasionally when a good joke was in the making. Ok a lot. But there was plenty of liquid salve and verbal revenge to heal the ego wounds. We remembered things that didn’t happen and some that did. We improved on what was true and painted wonderous new canvases of heroism and folly. So every side won and we all went home happy fat, tired and truly glad to belong to such a pack of reprobates. ( By this I mean everyone else). With 10 cents of luck we’ll do it all again next year or so should we all recover.

While the fun and frolic of reunion was in full bore we glimpses of Corona viruse and it’s partly. Due to bad to no phone reception and no internet our picture was spotty at best. It was decided I should become a kindergarten/ second grade teacher/ baby siter since the kids were no longer in school and parents were ( lucky) still employed

id ” your not my teacher!” Me ” yes isn’t that great!” Kid ” my teacher said blah blah blah”. Me ” but she doesn’t know you like I do!” Mom ” AHGGGG!!!! DO AS GRANDMA SAYS!! ” etc. Just kidding, mostly. For the most part it went pretty good with an occasional emotional break down. I learned a lot and the kids even learned a little, we hope. Did you know that Venus is the hottest planet? 900 degrees. Mercy is only 800 degrees. Did you know you only have about 6.7 minutes before the 5 yr old goes into orbit if your not very entertaining. And about 10 with the 2nd grader, who by the way is smarter and sneaker then you are. And then there is the time the cursor goes crazy on the computer screen while the 2nd grader is on the other side of the room with the remote mouse laughing her toosh off. Good times! A new montra rolls through my retired mind, TGIF, TGIF. I learn once again to fear Mondays. But you know when this is all over I will great new monsters. Like the BOAT AND BIRD POOP!!! So all ln all life is good and the past bad becomes the good ole days addored, missed, bragged about and longed for and future the dreams of today

We only carry false fragments of the dead in our memories for truly our lives are a moving Target seen only darkly through the filters of our minds and known differently by everyone we meet only mother nature holds truly the forgotten memories of our fleeting moment in time.

Hormones pouring offher like butterflies on a waterfall

History is a function of memory only

Time and speed are relitvity measurements that only exist only if there two objects and two motions to measure from. There is no such thing as time or speed with only one object.

Only nothingness has completed similarity. All matter and energy has variations. What we call similarity is only a range of similarity except for mathematics. Example – grass is green. In reality it I’ll l is a thousand shades of green and on the outside edges it is more blue or yellow.

Everyone pushes an envelope of bullshit which they wish to maintain for the world that they want everyone to believe


Turns out God is an atheist

God deformes us little by little then kills us

No I never amounted any thing but I still have the dreams. Maybe if I were successful I would lose the beautiful dreams

On the road to death (title)

      Story about my life

Bullys are not nice. Its not nice to bully someone. When someone bullys they hurt themselves and others who they could be friends with. Friendship is better than bullying. If someone bullys you protect yourself first and if you can show the bully what friendship is.

I have never liked a bully but really I should pity them for they live with fear, in fear and make more fear as a poor substitute for love. Bullying hurts the bullier first then those around them robbing everyone of the friendships they could have had. Isaac Asimov said “violence is the last resort of the incompetent”. Sometimes offering friendship or kindness is a little more work and thought then a mean remark or unkind threat but like many things in life can offer great rewards. The more we practice kindness and thoughtful action the easier it becomes until it is just a way of life, a good life. So if you are ever bullied pity the bully the poor life choice they have made. Defend yourself as best you can and if you have a little extra work on a way to show the poor bully the joy of kindness. There is always a better way if only one can think of it. 

Life is good enjoy it and share it even with bullys if you can. Stewart Hawley

Colombia trip people won’t talk to me TV & radio won’t talk to me only me will talk to me, so I think & day dream 

Space travel by changing size

Everything we know is made of pieces so the question is how small do the pieces go? Ever smaller pieces ever more space we are heading towards nothingness. Except there is the possibility of infinite small just as there is possibility of infinite large given the relative nature of size and the observator understanding cannot lie in size but the nature of things, their relationships and behaviors. Natures and the behaviors should be size independent or perhaps formula up and down but that would be  applied at our size also so going larger or smaller probably won’t greatly enhance understanding than to see the formula at work a little ways up or a little ways down.

Is it possible that existence & life as we know it only exists at our size? Perhaps sincents of a holey different types exists at different sizes as well as different environs.

Everything looses heat in space but nothing looses motion? There is a resting state for all matter in all environs, an equalliberuam

In space heat is lost so is light, various raidations what about gravity? Does light disapate in space or is it a steady state? 

Does all matter put out inferred radiation or heat. What is the realitionship between motion and heat? Objects in space don’t lose all their heat? Gravity pulls things together what forces pull them apart?   Centrifugal. Everything thing on this Earth is radiating to everything else. 

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