Discovery of chronic life


Where to start? The two hardest things to any endeavor getting started & stopping. Two happiest days of a sailor’s life purchase & sale of the boat, with perhaps a little sailing in between. As with many starts, this one has been repetitive with the ending tucked in close behind, so not really a start but perhaps a half-assed umph. So let’s go sailing!

How to live forever or until we wish to quit while still in good functioning order. To have all the time we wish to play on this earth & perhaps elsewhere. We think we want more time which is kind of a joke because there is no such thing as time as thing in and of itself. Time is a measurement of motion which “is” what exists. Time is like an inch. You can’t actually travel an inch, what you travel is distance who’s measure is called an inch. So what we really want is to keep moving indefinitely.

Back on topic. With a start such as this one, one must start moving hopefully not in circles as above but ever outward and improving as you go. Improvement 1. what do we think we know now-> exercise, diet, ( probably low protein & more plant-based), calorie restriction, and maybe vitamins. So what has the past to show & what looks promising for the future?

Plan of attack. 1. do something every day mostly & write about it to build momentum at least until I know better.

Author: Geezer

Under educated, abnormally curious, gutsy coward. 65yr or so, ( it keeps changing). Traded money for time even though money is freedom. Went sailling (sail a little work on boat a lot).