Mesh tales 9/11/20

The HVAC filter adventure -> Bought a new Trane HVAC home unit last year $5,000, cheap actually for this area. Life was good for about 8 months then the 5-inch thick new style filter gets a little clogged. According to Trane, they should be changed every 3 mo at a grand price of $75 each! So the savings taken from the power Co. go to Trane who lies to their customers about savings through efficiency. They didn’t have to make a weird-ass sized filter for their units but they did. Bye Bye Trane last time for me. I managed to find an off-brand filters for $31 but still the old high price used to be $15 for the super dupper and the cheap was $2. Granted the new filters are better filters but they aren’t 15 times better! Kind of like the new style washers that will only clean your clothes if you use the new expensive soap. Thought about making my own filters but alas so have they and the cost of the parts is nearly as much as the factory-made unit. So I lose a day shopping and grumbling and groaning and at last succumb to the programing though there is in me the latent soul or a hacker (a fellow I have learned to fear somewhat). Life is good though sometimes costly and hopefully not made to much more so by me.

Author: Geezer

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