MESH Tales 8/14/20

Car battery When I was actually physically young not just psychologically young, say the 1960s,70s,80s, car batteries advertised warranties about their life expectancy of 2,3,5,or 6 years this is how you judged the value of the battery, by the warranty. Sears Diehard batteries would sometimes last even longer than the warranty of 5 or 6 yrs! Of course there was the issue of the power of the battery or cold cranking amps and other measures. Today they tell you whether the battery likes peanut butter what it’s pet name is but only if you beg will you get warranty information which is 1, 2, or 3yrs and buckaroos, they are created to crap out 1 month after the warranty. Battery adds read like a con game. The old batteries used to go bad slowly gradually making your car harder to start so you knew it was time to get a new one. The new improved batteries work flawlessly then instantly crap on you leaving you stranded far from home and in the rain, snow or hail if they can find it. I don’t know how but yes they know. It’s new technology build into the new crap on you battery. So if you buy a new battery tape the expiration date on the windshield where you see it each time you start the car. I’ve tried to use Google to find out why the change thinking it may be a government or environmental thing & not something the battery manufactures can do anything about but apparently Google has been paid off of threatened. At least I can’t find out why. Everyone I talk to knows the problem but no one knows the whys or how’s. So that bad taste out of my mouth the new battery works nicely I don’t have to add water from time to time. I got an Interstate battery from Costco with a 3yr warranty for $108 ($8 tax). Had to install it myself but saved about $75 by doing that and put the tape on the windshield. So for 3 yrs exactly; life is good but I am getting a quick start jumper battery just incase the rules have changed again, never know if there may be a new better bad idea out there for my safety.

Author: Geezer

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