Mesh Tales 8/9/20

8/7/20 was a very good day. Veda’s Bday! Woke up & first thing solved a Word Press programming issue, exercised, succeeded in taping off & painting an addition to the boat’s bottom coat, won 5 hands of Tutee the card game, and bought lotteries tickets. I am happy to report everything is right with the universe I didn’t win a dime! Good health, good woman, good life, ornery boat, and still able to do many foolish and inexplicable things planed or not. Life is good and when it’s not I lie about it, works out about the same.

Author: Geezer

Under educated, abnormally curious, gutsy coward. 65yr or so, ( it keeps changing). Traded money for time even though money is freedom. Went sailling (sail a little work on boat a lot).