MESH TALES 8/4/20 Paint Part 2

Got the boat mostly painted just need to do a little touch up (little touch up X 3= a lot). Now time to clean the boat bottom, barnacles work hard in south Florida. In the process of setting up to dive I uncover a plastic bag of something I don’t recognize so I pick it up to look inside. Never made it there was a quart of white Kilzs 3 paint upside down in the bag and though it hadn’t ever been opened it seems heat and hydraulic pressure did that for me. White paint come leaking out everywhere, its a Walmart plastic bag specially designed to have holes so liquids of any kind will leak on you, especially paint! This is a sailboat & if the Kilz 3 white water based paint makes it to a drain & into the water there will be massive problem!! I ran for the boat sink stainless counter paint all over both hands as I try to control the leaks in the Walmart plastic bag. Grab here comes out there paint shifting position like a master chess player locating any possible leak spots. The sink counter is full of stuff. Down the stairs around the counter to a bare spot. Paint on my hands down my arms on the stairs on the floor on the side walls all over the sink & counter but more or less contained. Grab a large black plastic bag to put the paint & bunches of paper towels acting as a dam into, paint leaked out of this bag also. Grab a second large black plastic bag paint and contained it for now! Now the rush is on to get the paint up before any of it finds a drain. A zillion paper towels latter and success. Rush to get the shop-vac to vacuum out the water in the bilge before the automatic bilge pump kicks on. Again success! What I want you to appreciate is that all the above happened in about 10 seconds. Ok a little exaggeration but who really knows what dammed fast really means? Kilzs 3 says it dries in about 1hr but at 90 + somewhere degrees makes that about 5 to 15 minuets. The magic of paint is that when you don’t want it, it wants you everywhere. Probably the best way to get a seriously good paint job with good coverage is to pretend to accidently spill a bucket of paint. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed every where, walls, floor, in cracks, in the bilge on hoses and last me! And yes there is still paint in places where there wasn’t enough of me left to care enough to get at, that I will pay a higher price for at some latter date. You grow blind to the problem as your energy wains in the heat. Life is good & I am working on why. PS did charge the dive tanks & cleaned the boat bottom which went well so I guess life is good because after a paint spill on a boat even cleaning the boat bottom seems nice.

Author: Geezer

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