MESH TALES 7/31/20 Painting inside a boat

When to paint, who to do the painting, what paint to use, preparation, how much to paint apply. All good delaying tactics. But alas the fear of not painting overcomes the fear of painting and so the great adventure begins. 1. Whatever time, effort, pain, fatigue and other bad issues you attempt to imagine; triple it! 2. prep, prep and then prep some more then do more prep which will have to all be removed when the painting is done. 3. When you do paint there will be paint all over your body mostly in hard to reach, see or remove places as well where it shouldn’t be on the boat. 4. cubby holes the glory & bane of all good sailboats. The little hidy holes where you put more stuff than you can imagine and where you can’t always see what you are painting and must be ambidextrous to do so. For a week you do boat yoga with a brush and are only able to finish because you no longer care about the disappearing and reappearing blemishes. Now they are just character marks. In the end it is a vast improvement from where it began, IE looks good. Life is good and good we can’t remember pain (though we can fear it) or no one would ever paint more than once and it seems in life we need to or make a lot of money.

Author: Geezer

Under educated, abnormally curious, gutsy coward. 65yr or so, ( it keeps changing). Traded money for time even though money is freedom. Went sailling (sail a little work on boat a lot).