MESH TALES 4/23/20

The marshmallow theory

In life we often encounter problems, usually other people. Children are just highly concentrated versions of other people. Like a pealed mangaoe, no non-messy way to deal with them. So when you encounter one of these problems you think, ‘ Hmmmm how can I fix this?’. Of course the quick simple answer is to kill yourself, and some really smart people do. But for the more vengeful of us that means the problem wins. Can’t have that. The other great trick is to stop caring or the ole ‘Hitch hHcker’s Guide to the Galaxcy’s’ invisibility trick, make it somebody elses problem. But all these are just treating the symptoms, band-aids covering up the real sickness: THE DESIRE TO FIX THE PROBLEM! This brings us to ‘The Marshmallow Theory’ solution! Part 1. You ain’t goina fix it, so just stop meddling. Here’s why. People problems are like marshmallows! What happens when you push on a marshmallow it just snaps back. It has built in effect resolution negation. What ever you do to it by it’s nature it undoes it. If you fix it to much it’ll just get messier. For example stomp on a marshmallow it springs mostly back but is now sticky on the outside and some of it is stuck to your shoe. You haven’t fixed it and now it’s on you, like it’s your fault. Very sneaky indeed. From this point on it turns into the tar baby of ‘Uncle Remu’s’ ‘ Br’er Rabbit’ , the more you work the problem the more it messes you up, sticking all over you so every one knows who’s fault it really is. Part 2. Go take a bath, your now a mess. Part 3. Stick the marshmallow between 2 gram-crackers and a chocolate bar and fry the crap out if it. As usual it won’t fix anything but it’s fun. And in way fun is a fix. Part 4. The moral. The more you mess with it the more it stays the same until it is a complete mess which means you to are a mess and now at fault for making a mess. Part 5. The solution. If you have a marshmallow leave it alone or make a Smore. Better yet forget it and go get what you really need. Part 6. If you are a marshmallow watch out for those who are crackers! Life is good, S’mores are good, crackers can be good, so enjoy it all and marshmallows can be good too.

Author: Geezer

Under educated, abnormally curious, gutsy coward. 65yr or so, ( it keeps changing). Traded money for time even though money is freedom. Went sailling (sail a little work on boat a lot).