MESH TALES 4/15/20


According to the school system, we are on spring break. According to the power behind the throne, we are going to keep doing school even on spring break. According to the second-grader who can read ” Enjoy your spring break. See you next week!” we are in full rebellion mode. According to grand-paw, (there is no according to grand-paw). It is better to be happy than right, the righteous are the ones that get eaten by the lions. So we take walks, do Jui Jitsu, do math, eat power pellets, (bribe the young with small treats), write illegible stories ( I think doctors are people with scend grader handwriting) and escape to tablets and play eventually. Teachers seriously deserve a pay raise and lots of free medical. What I don’t get is why it is the students that go on the shooting sprees and not the teachers. I have figured one thing out though, congress is just second-graders in drag. Though I suspect some of the lower grades sneak in from time to time. The federal government is just a big summer camp gone wild. . The boat has now had a month to think up punishment for the neglect I have shown. Swimming pools are just boats with water on the inside. As long as you keep up with the maintenance life is good. Skip a few days and a green monster with fangs shows up chewing on your wallet and time. A boat has water on the outside which it may let in if pissed. Plus many more moving parts to be involved in it’s pity party and self-mutilation. The old adage ‘A woman scorned ‘ explains why boats are a ‘she’. On a more positive note, the weather has been glorious the company good and I will miss the kids when I go back home. Stockholm syndrome I suspect. Life is good and quite unexplained or suspected.

Author: Geezer

Under educated, abnormally curious, gutsy coward. 65yr or so, ( it keeps changing). Traded money for time even though money is freedom. Went sailling (sail a little work on boat a lot).