Family fun Kids and Corona 19 the elixer of life

Well didn’t wipe out anyone in Louisiana with the Coronavirus seems they already had their own version of it alive and strong. Besides with our clan if the virus take a bite out of us and it would probably be puking it’s little guts out. With some of us at the gathering it would be too drunk to remember what to do. Serves it right, we’re here to stay. So much for braggadocio. It was a good visit. Kids played, mostly pain free with minimal emotional trama ( actually amazingly so considering the potential). Adults ate, drank, bragged and lied only getting called on it occasionally when a good joke was in the making. Ok a lot. But there was plenty of liquid salve and verbal revenge to heal the ego wounds. We remembered things that didn’t happen and some that did. We improved on what was true and painted wonderous new canvases of heroism and folly on what was not. Gocart and 4wheeler ran to fast through the muddy tall hay yellow grass fields, the washer worked overtime. Fish were caught, persuaded, lost and lied about. Boat rides were taken in pursuit of solitude. So every side won and we all went home happy, fat, tired and truly glad to belong to such a pack of reprobates. ( By this I mean everyone else). With 10 cents of luck we’ll do it all again next year, or so, should we all recover and the alcohol has effectively done its job on our memories. Good times. Thanks Marv.

CH 2. Corona V19

While the fun and frolic of reunion was in full bore we had glimpses of Corona viruse and it’s activities. Due to bad or no phone reception and no internet our knowledge of the viruse was spotty at best. After the gathering was over it was decided I should become a kindergarten/ second grade teacher/ baby sitter since the kids were no longer in school and parents were ( lucky) still employed. My better, prettier, smarter and still employed half flew home to handle things there, including checking on mister boat ( all good thank you very much). A week later she drove back ( to avoid the international airports) to the great relief of everyone to improve the teaching and survival of the kids. I was glad to see her too. Yes very very glad.



Kid ” your not my teacher!” Me ” yes isn’t that great!” Kid ” my teacher said blah blah blah”. Me ” but she doesn’t know you like I do!” Mom ” AHGGGG!!!! DO AS GRANDMA SAYS!! ” etc. Just kidding, mostly. For the most part it went pretty good with an occasional emotional break down. I learned a lot and the kids even learned a little, we hope. Did you know that Venus is the hottest planet? 900 degrees. Mercy is only 800 degrees. Did you know you only have about 6.7 minutes before the 5 yr old goes into orbit if your not very entertaining. And about 10 with the 2nd grader, who by the way is smarter and sneaker then you are. And then there is the time the cursor goes crazy on the computer screen while the 2nd grader is on the other side of the room with the remote mouse laughing her toosh off. Good times! A new montra rolls through my retired mind, TGIF, TGIF. I learn once again to fear Mondays. But you know when this is all over I will create new monsters. Like BOAT AND BIRD POOP!!! So all ln all life is good and the bad past becomes the “good ole days” adored, missed, bragged about and longed for and future the dreams of today. Probably a good idea to start living for now.

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