MESH Tales 3/9/20

Prepping for a trip to Louisiana. Flying with Spirit who wants lots and lots of money if you want luggage. Next, there will probably be an underwear check and charge so I’ll just wear it on my head under my hat. It’s a matter of principle, money. I got a little, seriously little that’s why I fly them and they want it all. Cheap meets cheap. We fly out of Fort Lauderdale (FLL) because it is cheaper than Fort Myers but to win the game you must find a cheap parking place. Ours is $20 a week with transport to the airport and back. Not bad! So first we must pack a week’s worth of clothes in a small backpack that you can jam under the seats of the plane. Easy for me I am a guy. More of rub for Maria. I may have to wear a dress over my jeans plus a couple of extra pairs of funky underwear to make things work. I think a bra would be too much though with age I might eventually get there. The plane leaves at 7:30 am. We have a 1 1/2 drive to the airport. So we have to get up at 3 am leave at 3:30 get to the car park at 5 get to the airport by 5:30 am to run around in the airport for a couple of hours. Always stresses me. Don’t know why? If everything went wrong wouldn’t be a big deal. Heck this year making the flight picking up a little coronavirus passing it to the family in Louisiana wiping out half of Baton Rouge might be better to stay home and drink a couple of Coronas! life is good until it’s not then it’s probably better for someone else so all in all, all good.

Author: Geezer

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