MESH Tales 3/18/19

Did paper work. Worked on the boat & goofed off. I am starting to develop a skill for that. I have a little bit of a sore throat you might say the beginnings of a cold. Didn’t feel very cold. You ever wonder why it is called a cold? Lets ask Google who will defer to Jojo the DA. Yale this time who said it is named after winter the time of year when we stay inside where the virus lives instead of outside in the cold. So we blame and name it on the healthy place and stay within handy reach of the viruses. Ah mankind what you going to do? Life is good, if you have it and a lot of what we have we just make up and if we don’t know any better it often works as good as the real thing at least as far as we know.

Author: Geezer

Under educated, abnormally curious, gutsy coward. 65yr or so, ( it keeps changing). Traded money for time even though money is freedom. Went sailling (sail a little work on boat a lot).